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What We Do

The BFA works in the interests of the University faculty. We monitor and advocate for the protection of faculty interests across a wide range of issues.

  • Faculty Welfare and Rights

We work to preserve quality childcare on campus and the fiscal health of the UC pension scheme. We monitor delays in promotion and merit reviews, question salary inequities caused by market valuations of ‘stars,’ and highlight funding inequities caused by cross-subsidies to UC campuses with medical schools. We are also concerned to safeguard faculty rights of academic freedom and political speech.

  • Staff and Campus Services Restructuring

Faculty research and teaching rely heavily upon the excellence of our administrative staff and infrastructure.  We keep track of the consequences of the recommendations of the Bain Consultancy in Operational Excellence and the introduction of Campus Shared Services and work to ensure that they do not lead to the erosion of staff services or work conditions.

  • Online Substitutes for Education

We have exposed the flop of the pilot venture UC Online Education, but this has not deterred boosters of online education among the Regents including Governor Jerry Brown. While not at all opposed to the use of information technology and online materials to enhance undergraduate teaching, we advocate for a campus and classroom-based vision of learning and intellectual exchange for all students, including the most disadvantaged.

  • UC Administrative Bloat

The restructuring of the university has led to a massive and costly expansion of senior administrative positions on campus. There are now more management positions than regular teaching faculty and increasingly more significant policy decisions are made by administrators with insufficient faculty oversight. We seek to reverse this process and make Berkeley again a faculty-led campus.

BFA uses a variety of advocacy strategies. We meet with and write letters to campus and system-wide administrators and to academic senate leaders. We organize with other faculty, staff union and student groups on this campus and in other higher education sectors around issues of shared concern. An affiliate of the Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA), we also lobby in Sacramento, where we meet regularly with legislators and where we have helped fund and organize “Educate the State” rallies.  We speak at teach-ins and educate at workshops. For a record of past activities, review our posts in the Recent News Section of this website or by searching through the categories in the search box to the right of this page.