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The State of the State of California

To provide important background information to our members and the public, we periodically post informative articles and documents on UC and the current crisis of public higher education.  These appear in three forms: as entries on this page (scroll down), as blog entries (click on ‘Documents’ on the right), or as separate pages (pull-down menu under ‘Articles & Info’). Other important sources of information can be found by clicking on ‘Links’.

On the crisis in leadership

Excellent statement on the crisis of the university by Peter Glazer and Greg Levine of SAVE — from the Townsend Center newsletter.     Glazer_Levine_article

A New New Deal for California?

Dick Walker & Gray Brechin have written a provocative op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle on the need for the Obama Administration to launch another New Deal, well beyond what has yet been done.  Food for thought. Walker&Brechin-New DealCA-OpEd

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