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Academic Senate passes all four resolutions rebuking Chancellor Birgeneau and the Berkeley administration for poor management of campus demonstrations that unleashed police on non-violent demonstrators. The Senate vote was overwhelming, 435-36. This was an epochal vote, of a sort rarely seen on this campus.

For reportage on the meeting and the vote, see:
Daily Cal
Contra Costa Times
The Nation
Chronicle of Higher Education

BFA-SAVE resolution revised to clarify that it is not a general vote of no confidence in the Chancellor, but a censure of his condoning of violent police action against non-violent students and faculty. Here is the Senate Resolution on Police Violence.11-24 and Cover letter on revisions to Senate Resolution.11-24 explaining the changes.

Three other resolutions have also been introduced. The full text of the resolutions is available on the Faculty Senate website.

BFA and SAVE UC introduce resolution condemning the Berkeley administration’s handling of non-violent student demonstrators over the last three years, particularly the thuggish behavior of police on November 9th. In response, the Academic Senate will meet in special session to consider the resolution on November 28th.
BFA supports ReFund California petition insisting that the UC Regents and the CSU Trustees hold their meetings in full public view. We did this in light of the Regents decision to cancel their public meeting in San Francisco on November 10 because of planned demonstrations against tuition increases and poor leadership. Here is the full text of the petition.
BFA signs on to CUCFA statement condemning police violence on campus in the wake of protests at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. November 21, 2011
Text of CUCFA statement

BFA signs national faculty Open Letter to university presidents and chancellors condemning use of police violence against non-violent demonstrators. November 20, 2011
Petition Against Police Violence

A useful crib sheet for anyone teaching about the budget crisis at UC, prepared by the Graduate Student Organizing Committee at UC Santa Cruz, Fall 2010. (click to download)

Budget Curriculum (Teaching Aid) – GSOC- Fall 2010

Here is an excellent opinion piece by two UCD Med School profs, published in the San Jose Mercury, January 2010.

Jue&Thesis-Money Not the Only Threat

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