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The Future of the University

The Gould Commission on the Future of the University

The Gould Commission was created by the Regents in Summer 2009. A final report was expected in Summer 2010. BFA issued a report on the results of the Gould subcommittee deliberations and possible profound changes to the university coming down the road.

BFA report on UC Commission on the Future

In fact, the Gould Commission came to nothing, as President Yudof dismissed the whole exercise as too little, too late. He has his own plans, as we are gradually finding out: high tuition, more on-line courses, strengthening the research university, relegating more teaching to lecturers & GSIs, devolving financial responsibility down to the campuses, etc.

Addendum: Notes from Presidential advisor Chris Edley’s talk on on-line education and the future of the university.
C. Edley talk -Tech Evolution to Save the Elite Public Univ