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To join the BFA you have two options:

Click HERE for our ONLINE registration form. The option to join the American Association of University Professors is also available on this form.


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Mail completed form to:

Berkeley Faculty Association
1270 Farragut Circle
Davis, California  95618

Dues will automatically be deducted from your paychecks.

Monthly dues: (Joining means a PRE-TAX  payroll deduction)

$8.00/month for ALL NEW members for the first year – regardless of rank


$10.00/month for Assistant Professors

$15.00/month for Associate Professors

$30.00/month for Full Professors

Retired faculty: Please visit our Emeritus Membership page.

Would you also like to join the American Association of University Professors – AAUP?  For more information on membership of AAUP through the new partnership agreement with the Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) please visit our BFA/AAUP membership page. You will find there a link to the printed forms for both new and existing members who wish to add AAUP to their BFA membership, but prefer not to register online.


Why you should join the BFA

1. Unlike the various bodies of the UC Senate, the BFA can undertake a singular advocacy mission. The Senate is legally barred from political organizing, but the BFA, constituted as an independent employee member organization, is free to engage in political outreach, as well as to enter into direct negotiations with administration on behalf of faculty.

2. The BFA is a dues-paying organization, whose members provide it with a ready budget. This means it has funding to stage the events and actions that effective faculty advocacy requires. For example, we can make the campus aware of the significant threats to the viability of our conditions of work. We can rally opposition to changes that undermine the public mission of the university and its long-held standards of excellence. And we can mount campaigns in favor of legislation that addresses those larger problems of state government that have lead to increasingly dire financial conditions for higher education in the state.

3. The BFA can act as an advocate for and collaborate with other faculty groups on campus, including the SAVE initiative and its working groups. Like the BFA, SAVE is addressing key issues of concern to faculty (the furlough program among them) and moreover is forging strong collaborative ties with student and staff organizations concerned with the recent budget cuts. We also intend to consult and collaborate, when possible, with Senate Faculty committees and the UCOP faculty council to help achieve these goals. We also aim to work collaboratively with local and system-wide organizations to forward the interests and concerns not only of Berkeley faculty but also of colleagues from the other UC campuses, with which we share an interlocking fate.

4. The BFA is a member of the Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA), which has taken an early and active role in enunciating faculty concerns and making demands for administrative transparency during this budget crisis. Our membership in this organization allows us to establish lines of communication and solidarity with parallel faculty associations on other UC campuses, to better organize system-wide demands and actions with such associations, and to participate in CUCFA’s deliberations on how best to advocate for faculty within the UC system and to implement those decision across the campuses.

5. Established under the auspices of the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA), the BFA can constitute itself as a collective bargaining unit for faculty. In the past, like all other UC faculty associations (except that at Santa Cruz) it has declined to exercise that option. Even so, while there are currently no plans to pursue unionization as a strategy, this possibility can still be considered, if our commitment to faculty welfare and the future of UC Berkeley as the premier public university for teaching and research can be accomplished in no other way.

Please join us by becoming a member of BFA.