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To the UC Berkeley Undocumented Student Community:

As the Board of the Berkeley Faculty Association (BFA) we write to you to declare our unequivocal opposition to the Trump Administration’s decision to rescind the DACA program. We denounce the Administration’s stated reasons for ending the program and the decision’s unspoken but unmistakable racism. In the wake of this decision, and in the conditions of uncertainty and threat that it has produced, you have our unqualified support as full-fledged members of this country and the UC Berkeley community.

We understand that the Trump Administration’s policies have resulted in increased fear of deportation and anxiety for you and your families. No one should have to live with this kind of fear. We will continue to work to ensure your safety, well-being, and success on the Berkeley campus through direct and visible support for the financial, legal, and other campus resources you deserve and through contact with the Administration, Academic Senate, and individual departments and programs.

We are encouraged by President Napolitano’s September 5 statement denouncing the Trump Administration’s decision, but we believe that the campus community including BFA must pay close attention to the Administration’s follow-through on its commitments to you, including the instructions issued to UC police regarding non-cooperation with ICE.

We encourage you to bring to our attention your concerns and invite you to discuss with us ways that we might work together to strengthen the campus’ commitment to diversity and equity.

Sincerely, The Board of the Berkeley Faculty Association

Michael Burawoy (Chair)

Chris Rosen (Vice-Chair),

Leslie Salzinger (Secretary)

Julia Bryan-Wilson

Penny Edwards

Paul Fine

Lisa García Bedolla

Peter Glazer

Gillian Hart

Lyn Hejinian

Seth Holmes

Celeste Langan

Gregory Levine

Colleen Lye

Shannon Steen

James Vernon


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