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BFA Call for Senate Meeting on the University’s handling of sexual harassment

The BFA Board has initiated a special meeting of the Academic Senate to discuss administrative failures and procedural obstacles in addressing sexual harassment on campus, to be held April 7.

Dear Chair Powell,

Under Division Bylaw 5.B, we formally petition the Academic Senate to call a special meeting of the Berkeley Division to have an open discussion of the university’s handling of sexual harassment, both administrative failures and procedural obstacles. We request that this meeting be called during the week March 28 – April 1, 2016, and in a large enough space to seat hundreds of faculty. Division Bylaw 5.B *  A Special Meeting of the Division may be called by the Chair. Upon written request of twenty-five voting members a Special Meeting must be called by the Chair or, in his or her absence or disability, by the Vice Chair. * The call to a Special Meeting must be sent to all members of the Division at least five days of instruction prior to the meeting.

1.Elizabeth Abel (English)
2.Wendy Brown (Political Science)
3. Michael Burawoy (Sociology)
4. Catherine Cole (TDPS)
5. Laura Enriquez (Sociology)
6. Mark Goble (English)
7. Steven Goldsmith (English)
8. Gillian Hart (Georgraphy)
9. Heather Haveman (Sociology)
10. Celeste Langan (English)
11. Colleen Lye (English)
12. Minoo Moallem (Gender and Women’s Studies)
13. Laura Nelson (GWS)
14. Kevin Padian (IB)
15. Leslie Salzinger (Gender and Women’s Studies)
16. Jeffrey Skoller (Film Studies)
17. Sandra Smith (Sociology)
18. Shannon Steen (TDPS)
19. Elisa Tamarkin (English)
20. James Vernon (History)
21. Leti Volpp (Law)
22. Julia Bryan-Wilson (History of Art)
23. Michael O’Hare (Public Policy)
24. Raka Ray (Sociology)
25. Rebecca McLennan (History)
26. Cori Hayden (Anthropology)
27. Michael Watts (Geography)
28. Louise Fortmann [emerita] (ESPM)
29. Karl Britto (French and Comparative Literature)
30. Peter Glazer (TDPS)
31. Gregory Levine (History of Art)
32. Jake Kosek (Geography)
33. Lyn Hejinian (English)
34. Susan Schweik (English)
35. Zeus Leonardo (Education)
36. Thomas Gold (Sociology)
37. Saba Mahmood (Anthropology)
38. Charis Thompson (GWS)
39.Daniel Schneider (Sociology)
40.Isha Ray (Energy and Resources)
41.Cybelle Fox (sociology)
42.Cihan Tugal (Sociology)
43.Irene Bloemraad (Sociology)
44.Kim Voss (Sociology)


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