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July 19, 2012
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Where’s UC Online Now and How Will We Get Our $7 Million Back?

Wendy Brown Outgoing Co-Chair, Berkeley Faculty Association On July 16thand 17th, The New York Times featured stories on the launching of Coursera, a blockbuster online higher education project emerging from a spectacularly successful Stanford experiment two years ago. Still in … Continue reading

July 2, 2012
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BFA Statement on Campus Shared Services 7/2/2012

As you may have heard, the Operational Excellence leadership is instituting a Campus Shared Services (CSS) initiative that includes the removal of hundreds of departmental/program/center staff to an off-campus center on 4th Street. This move was slated to begin in September, but has been postponed to January 2013 because there wasn’t enough time to prepare the new site (a troubling indication of poor planning). We welcome this delay, however, as it gives faculty and staff needed time to troubleshoot the plan and urge solutions before the move begins.

We are gravely concerned about the design of the CSS plan, key features of which have still not been made public. We are worried about the lack of a clear financing scheme and recharge costs to departments. We are concerned about OE’s failure to study the impact of this restructuring on the staff support we faculty need to deal with research grants, manage events, appoint GSIs and GSRs, manage faculty recruitment and retention, obtain computer support, and the like.
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