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Birgeneau should condemn criminal charges against Nov. 9, 2011 Protesters

The Berkeley Faculty Association is circulating a petition asking the Chancellor to take a stand against the Alameda County District Attorney’s decision to bring criminal charges against several students and a faculty member involved in the events of last November 9th – which were the subject of the Senate resolutions condemning the administration’s heavy-handed policing.

The D.A.’s actions just made a bad situation worse. The administration needs to rise in defense of campus self-governance and tolerance of free speech and free assembly.
Please take a moment to read and sign the petition, and pass it on to other colleagues if you agree with the sentiments. The petition is on-line at:
Because of the way the website works, the boxes are prescribed. So, please put your DEPARTMENT under ‘address’ and UC BERKELEY under ‘city’ and 94720 under ‘zipcode’.
This petition is only for Berkeley faculty members.

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