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Senate resolution: on-line evaluations

SAVE & BFA have submitted a resolution to the Academic Senate at Berkeley calling for a halt to the administration’s plan to convert course evaluations by students to publicly available on-line evaluations. Please come to the Senate meeting on Wed. April 20th, 3-5, in Sibley Auditorium to support this resolution.

Proposed Senate resolution on online evaluation 4-14


One Comment

  1. The real problem is the assumption that student evaluations are an accurate measure of the quality of a course or instructor. Students will respond well to a junior college type course, in which there is an assigned text and the instructor goes through it chapter by chapter. The material will be about 20 years old. In the humanities this is OK, they do not need to know the latest theory on why Shakespeare was probably transgendered. They also love exams taken from the homework.

    In the sciences and engineering, newer material may not be in texts yet, but they can get it in a real university professor level course. These courses may or may not receive good student reviews, but they are the real advantage of coming to a university. They will be lost in the drive to make student reviews the determining factor in undergraduate course instructor evaluations.

    Student reviews should be returned to the old days when students did them and they had no official university status and were not used in instructor evaluations. They should be replaced by reviews in which students who are about 5 years out are asked about their college educational experiences, with serious questions that do not degenerate to a popularity contest.