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UC-AFT Flyer on Budget Cuts

The American Federation of Teachers at the University of California, the union representing lecturers, created a flyer for students on the budget cuts and the upcoming national day of action in defense of public action on October 7th.

You can download by clicking here: Rethink UCB

Flyer text:

Rethink UC

Paying more for less? While student fees skyrocket, programs and courses are
slashed. Welcome to UC, your education begins here.

Paying more
Student fees have increased 300% since 2001. Just last year the UC Regents approved a 32% fee increase, and they are already considering another double-digit increase this year.

Getting less
Class sizes are increasing. Courses and services are being cut. Students may not be able to graduate on time. We are losing diversity.

Subprime lending alive at UC
Students are taking out record levels of debt in order to pay their fees. Many spend decades struggling to pay it off.

Call to Action on October 7th
Rally 12pm at Sproul!

The historic actions, protests and strikes of last fall and spring showed our state and the nation that students, teachers, staff, and our communities are determined to fight against the cuts, layoffs, fee hikes, and the shrinking access to public education and services. However, our fight is far from over. On October 7th, supporters of public education plan to unite and demand accessible, affordable and quality education for all. www.defendcapubliceducation.wordpress.com

Alternative Commission on the Future:
Proposals by UC’s Commission on the Future would limit access by reducing enrollments, shift costs to students through fee increases, and erode quality by reducing teaching staff and rushing degrees via online courses. The Alternative Commission on the Future has better solutions – check them out at: www.ucaft.org/content/alternative-commission-proposals-future-uc

Hold UC Executives Accountable:
After years of scandals, the state is finally forcing UC’s books open through a major public audit to uncover the extent of waste, fraud, and abuse within the UC. It’s time to hold UC executives accountable. Stay tuned for reports from the state audit and spread the word! Get more info at www.ucwatch.org

Register & Vote on Nov 2 to Protect UC! www.sos.ca.gov

YES on Prop 25
Majority Vote to support a simple majority to pass the budget. This will help the legislature protect education www.endbudgetgridlock.com

Tax Big Oil
Legislators are proposing a tax on California oil production that would raise about $2 billion for state colleges, community colleges and universities annually. California is the only major oil-producing state that lacks a natural-gas and oil severance tax. www.facebook.com/FairTuition


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