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BFA Opposes Cuts to Childcare

Recently, the Berkeley Faculty Association sent a letter to UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau opposing cuts to campus child care for the infants and toddlers of low-income students.

You can download the letter by clicking here: BFA Opposes Cuts to Early Childhood Education

The letter reads in part: “The Berkeley Faculty Association strongly opposes the elimination of this program. Responsibility for children can be a huge barrier to UC access. Indeed, it can be as much an obstacle to low income parenting students, especially female students, as low income itself. We therefore urge the administration to restore to the budget of the campus childcare programs the subsidy for the infants and toddlers of low-income students. With tuition skyrocketing and the state slashing programs for low income Californians, this is not the time for us to abandon our low income, parenting students. Rather, this is precisely when we must rise to the challenge of meeting their needs.”


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