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FAQs on March 4th

FAQs for attending the “Educate The State” rally
for public education in Sacramento on March 4

What is this all about?

This is a rally to get the public to support public education — ALL levels of public education, from kindergarten through the CC, CSU, and UC systems. It takes place in Sacramento because it is meant to target legislators by bringing the voice of the public to the state capital.

Why should I go?

If you are a UC faculty member, a student, a parent, a community member, or anyone who benefits from an educated populace, it is in your interest to try to marshal more support for public education, and to stop the erosion of this support, which more than any other disinvestment of state funds will cripple the economy, welfare, and well-being of California. We’ll explain below why UC faculty are particularly important in efforts to save public education.

Why is this not just another march?

Because the focus is not on protest but on support. Because this is the first time in history that all levels of California’s public education system are banding together. Because the dysfunction of the state’s political system has brought us to a point where we are now eating the seed corn, destroying our educational infrastructure, and putting us on a decline from which we will never recover if we don’t reverse it now. Because this march is getting the attention of legislators and policy makers. And because if we don’t do this now, we face another year in which prisons are more important than schools.

Is the message going to be critical of campus administrations, the Office of the President, or the Regents?

The point of the rally is to support public education. Its message is designed to be positive, not negative, and targeted for the California public, which has little interest in internal UC arguments. The speakers have been chosen with these goals in mind. However, the specific remarks of speakers will not be controlled or censored.

What good can a UC faculty member do in this crowd?

To deliver to the media, and to others in this educational coalition, the message that we faculty want the public of California to hear: education is the lifeblood of California’s phenomenal success. It provides our social structure. It trains our citizens. It provides our qualified professionals in health, law, business, and social welfare. It stokes the economic engine of this state by educating entrepreneurs, technological innovators, and our greatest artists, writers, journalists, and musicians. To emphasize that for every dollar the state invests in University research, it recoups $3.80 in payoff. And to note that many of our state leaders, including those in the capital, were educated at UC.

How do I participate?

Simply go to www.saveuc.org and sign up to take a free bus to Sacramento. It’s easy and simple. Buses will leave at the times indicated. They will return one at a time during the afternoon, as soon as they are filled. You will also learn how to prepare and what to bring with you. If you cannot go to Sacramento on March 4, the website will provide a guide to what you can do on campus, Oakland, and/or San Francisco that day.