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Where Does UC Tuition Go?

Where Does UC Tuition Go?

by Bob Meister,

President, Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA)

Professor of Political and Social Thought, UC Santa Cruz

UC feels free to use Educational Fees however it pleases without

accountability. That’s why it can pledge “ed fees” as collateral for

construction bonds and use them to pay debt service.[1] In the past week,

I have discovered another, equally disturbing, consequence of UC’s refusal

to be accountable for its use of “ed fees:” It has allowed (or perhaps

more accurately used) the rapid growth in “ed fees” to dramatically

increase the disparities in the per student funds it provides to each

campus. As tuition rises, students are not getting what they think they

are paying for on their own campuses, and the entity they are paying has

not been transparent about where the money goes…

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