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The BFA is a representative of the Berkeley faculty, legally empowered to provide a voice to faculty outside the regular channels of the Academic Senate and University administration. As such, we advocate for the collective interests of the UC Berkeley faculty and the University of California as a whole. A vibrant public University requires internal openness and the democratic participation of the faculty in its administration. We provide an independent perspective on administrative decisions, especially those affecting faculty welfare and work conditions, seek innovative solutions to campus problems, and recall the university to its fundamental principles in difficult times. We advocate for faculty concerns with the administration and the Regents of the University, including demanding direct faculty representation on the Board of Regents. We advocate for the University to state government, in the media and to the California public. And we coordinate with faculty on other UC campuses through the Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA), as well as with other groups committed to upholding the Master Plan for Higher Education and quality mass public education at all levels.